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Consider yourself going to the dinner party and there are two food items. One a chicken broast and another sweet dish, fruit custard. After the dinner is served and eaten by the people, one of the persons stands up and says that “the dinner was tasteless and worthless of eating, such waste an of time and food.” Afterwards, he starts comparing the food and said, “there was no meat in the sweet dish, no salts, no spice” adding on he says that “there were no fruits in the chicken broast, broast wasn't chilled.”

Are you surprised to read the upper…

Have you ever considered that why the job of the reformer is so difficult? ever considered living in the worst system where only a few gets benefits and no one speaks about it? ever thought about it why is so difficult to change the system? The reasons behind all these questions will be answered later in the article.

First of all few elites gets all the benefits from a current system and they control almost everything through power and money. They give benefits to their subordinates and loved ones. …

We will in a world where everyone easily criticises another person, taunt them and make fun of others. Victims of this criticism and humiliation are especially those who are weak or so-called “dumb” as per standards set by our society.

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Humiliation In Public

Yup! it is very common today those with a higher position in offices or educational institutes to do on daily basis they criticises their subordinates and make fun of their weakness.

This type of behaviour is also seen in educational institutes where teachers rather then explaining the concepts again to students they humiliate them in class. If someone fails in…

Desire to achieve something in life is a good thing. Finding your purpose to live on this planet is one of the hardest task. Once your purpose is found there are multiple ways and strategy to achieve it. But today’s guide is all about how you can ruin your goals and achieve nothing at the end of the day.

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No Vision No Planning

It is essential to have vision, objective and an action plan to achieve what you desire. If you want to waste your time and energy then wake up start following dream without an action plan. …

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Once Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Give me an educated mother, I shall promise you the birth of a civilized, educated nation.”

Child’s First School

Lap of mother is the child’s first school. From their he or she starts its process of learning. If a mother is well-educated and civilized she can turn her children into civilized man of society.

Mother is also the first teacher of her child, so whatever she teaches to her children it is integrate into the subconscious of child. …

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It is always been a fun and entertaining using social media whether it is Tik-Tok, Instagram or Facebook. But have you ever wondered how it is affecting your life. One should also know about the harm it brings to us and try minimize the use of social media applications.

Whatever you see is not true

I am not talking about photo-shopped pictures and videos you watch. But here, what i want to clarify is that if you see anyone “happy”, “successful” or in better relationship it doesn't necessarily means that they happy in real life. What you see on social media platform is just a image…

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We live in a world full of distractions. A basic and easy task can consume your lots of energy and time, if you are not focused on it. But have you ever wondered that how should you focus on one task there are number of tips and techniques you can follow for better focus.

Identifying Distractions

First things you must do is to identify your distractions. I divide distraction into two types internal and externals. Internal distraction is usually those when your mind start wandering on something else rather than task. External distraction comes from external environment they can be controllable or…

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Well, I know it seems that it is very hard and even impossible to do when it comes to reading books. We are distracted by things that are way more entertaining than books but have no benefits. But reading books have many benefits. First, you need to know what genre do like, what kind of books do you like.

Secondly, pick those books and start reading them. I would recommend three pages a day but if three is not much at least read only a page daily.

Thirdly select a time when to read books and in that particular time…

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Personal growth and self-development are significant in the life one cannot be fit to survive without one's personal growth or in other words, can’t achieve anything greater without personal growth and development, for your own development you need to become a better version of yourself. Simply take an example of an application that launched in May after a few months there will be an updated version of the same application why? the answer is updated version will be free from bugs and problems of the old version. As an application, we humans also need updates and upgrades but our update…

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Coal is a form of rock. What if someone asked you to use coal as a piece of decoration would anyone will use it as a piece of decoration? The answer is simply no! You might be thinking that is why I started this blog post with a question, which doesn't have a relation with the heading.

Well, let me explain to you, if you understand the example of coal you will understand the meaning of worth and then it will be easy for you to understand your own worth. It is a very basic concept that coal is a…

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