Do these things to give up on your goals

Desire to achieve something in life is a good thing. Finding your purpose to live on this planet is one of the hardest task. Once your purpose is found there are multiple ways and strategy to achieve it. But today’s guide is all about how you can ruin your goals and achieve nothing at the end of the day.

Photo by Jackson Simmer on Unsplash

It is essential to have vision, objective and an action plan to achieve what you desire. If you want to waste your time and energy then wake up start following dream without an action plan. You only have to do thing arbitrary in order to give up on your dreams.

Compare yourself with other is another way to ruin your achievements and your mental health also. You should compare your yesterday with your today but this rule applies when you want to achieve something. Here we are talking about “how to give up” so in this case compare yourself with others. What other have achieved? how far other have gone for their goals?

By doing this type of comparison you will be demotivated and sooner or later will give up on your goals. Also read success stories not for inspiration but for comparison. Last but not least while reading those success stories only look at the success but never look at the struggle behind it.

You read it right. “You can’t do it.” Self-affirmations like “it is not my cup of tea”, “ i am weak”, “i can’t do this” will help you a lot being negative all day. Law of attraction will also work in the same way as you thought the more negative you think and more negative things will happen.

Expect as much high as you can in addition don’t do any effort. Shoot for the moon while sitting on your couch. Waste your time and energy on useless debates, on Netflix , on You-tube, on tik-tok and after doing all these stuff believe that your going to become next Elon Musk.

If you have done any effort towards your goals and failed. The next step is very simple to do blame others. Others are responsible for your failure not you. Moreover, never ever accept your mistakes and do all things I mentioned above.

“Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise” this quotation is not for those who sits all day and do nothing. On social media platforms publish what you are going to do, just publish it. If someone criticises your plan then argue with them, waste your time arguing with them and try to justify yourself with your words not with your actions.

Once all above mentioned steps are completed then wait for a small failure or set-back and it will work as final blow to your goal and you will give up on your dream or objective. I hope that you avoid all these thing and will make yourself a productive person utilising all of your blessings.