This is how you can focus in the world full of distractions

Photo by Stefan Cosma on Unsplash

We live in a world full of distractions. A basic and easy task can consume your lots of energy and time, if you are not focused on it. But have you ever wondered that how should you focus on one task there are number of tips and techniques you can follow for better focus.

First things you must do is to identify your distractions. I divide distraction into two types internal and externals. Internal distraction is usually those when your mind start wandering on something else rather than task. External distraction comes from external environment they can be controllable or uncontrollable. Social media apps, traffic noise are some examples of it. These distractions consume lots of energy and it decreases one’s ability to focus

Once you know the diseases you should take medicine according to it. Same rule applies for curbing distractions, once you know what type of distraction is bothering you than you should try to tame it.

If your mind starts wandering than you should ask yourself some questions like

· What are you thinking?

· Is it worth thinking right now?

· Is it related to your task or not?

These types of questions will help you to overcome internal distraction. For external one I would recommend you to sit in clam and peaceful environment and put your distraction objects away from yourself.

Like distractions you must identify the task. If your task is easy and doesn’t require much of your attention than there must be a chance that you get distracted every now and then. But if your task is though than you may feel unwillingness to do it and you will be easily distracted.

In first case, of easy task set a timer and try your best to complete task within the time. For other case, if you want to achieve your goals start visualizing the results and outcome you will get by complete your task, this technique will motivate you to work on it. Last but not least setting timer is compulsory in both cases.

If your mind is retired and exhausted there are lots of chances that you won’t be able to be focus. For being productive you must focus and for focus your mind should be in better state. Proper sleep, mediation, weekly physical exercise can improve your mental state and significantly increase your span of attention. If your attention span is increased than you will be less distracted.

If you are able to restrict the distraction in your work you will be able to do it in a better way. This will not only increase your productivity but also help you to do more in less time. Those who want to study more on about focus and reducing distraction during work, I would recommend two books

· Deep Work by Cal Newport

· Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey